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We are Occupational Therapists that administer assessments to support the application for Special Examination Arrangements.

Our Occupational Therapists understand that handwriting can be challenging for some students. We believe that these challenges should not hold a student back from demonstrating their full knowledge during exams and writing tasks at school. Fortunately, students from year 6 to 12 who demonstrate significant difficulties with the motor coordination of writing may be eligible for special exam arrangements.  This may include extra exam time, rest breaks, the use of a computer or the use of a scribe during exams.

As experienced Occupational Therapists, we are able to appropriately assess your young person’s handwriting skills and provide evidence to support their application for special exam arrangements. An Occupational Therapy assessment is recommended for the application of special arrangements for VCE, HSC, TASC and WACE examinations.

Who is it for

If your young person is experiencing slow handwriting speed, poor legibility, difficulty forming letters and/or difficulty gripping their pen or pencil they may be experiencing motor coordination challenges that are impacting their ability to write at the same speed and quality as their peers.

As registered Occupational Therapists we have the knowledge and expertise required to assess your young person’s fine motor and motor coordination skills. An assessment is required for the approval of special considerations despite whether or not the student has a formal diagnosis of a motor coordination disorder.

If you suspect your young person is experiencing challenges with handwriting, please contact your young person’s teacher/school to discuss the suitability of applying for special accommodations.



No need to leave your house to attend an assessment as all our assessments are provided online via Telehealth in the comfort of your own home our during the day while the student is at school. We service all areas of Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and Tasmania.

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